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We live in exciting times, and space is becoming more important than ever. In the not-so-distant future, we may witness humans being casually launched into low Earth orbit for spring break, as well as prospecting, colonizing, and even terraforming our neighboring planets.

This may sound like a blast, but the value of space exploration goes even beyond interplanetary tourism, mining, and colonization. Consider that there are over a thousand satellites integral to such things as modern communications and weather prediction, while the International Space Station moonlights as a zero-gravity laboratory for cutting-edge medical research. Space isn’t just about space: it’s about Earth, and regular people like you.

As space missions become increasingly ambitious and blossom into reality, it becomes ever more vital for the public to pay attention. Why? Because when humanity reaches these historic space milestones it is crucial that all people benefit from our collective inheritance of the universe, not just a select few with the means and technological access. From dangerous orbital pollution (“space junk”) to for-profit asteroid-mining, humanity is in need of a just legal framework to govern these activities and to hold future space tycoons accountable.

The vision of the Astro Ledger Institute is to use creativity and collaboration to bring these abstract issues back down to earth. That’s what inspired the Astro Ledger trading cards, a totally new take on star catalogs. By allowing regular netizens to name actual stars and other space objects, we are nurturing an awareness of our collective stake in the Solar System.

To read more about other projects we support, skip down to the section on GRANTS. To participate as an artist, check out ARTISTS & PRESS. Also, you can enjoy more rambling about space on our BLOG.

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Launch Schedule

Sign up for our Supernova Alert mailing list to be notified the moment new objects are released. Stars are grouped by constellation: Every month there will be a handful of constellations on offer, including the one which corresponds to the upcoming Zodiac sign. In general the brightest stars are released first, since these are the ones which need cool names the most. Messier objects are scheduled to be released two months following the very first Astro Ledger auctions.

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“In a dark place we find ourselves, and a little more knowledge lights our way.” - Yoda

Our mission at the Astro Ledger Institute is to be a force for good. We are backed and inspired by The Awesome Foundation. The revenue from card trading goes towards grants for awesome projects, and our finances are 100% transparent by nature of the blockchain technology. The grants program is open to everyone, so if you have a cool space-themed educational outreach project or another great idea, go ahead and apply. There is no project too big, too small, or too out-of-this-world for us to consider… So don’t just shoot for the moon - shoot for Jupiter’s ocean moon Europa and maybe we can help you launch a robot submarine there to look for shark aliens!

Subscribe to our super special Supernova Alert mailing list to hear about winning proposals!

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Come back soon for profiles of our featured artists. Meanwhile, check out these space cadets:

Lunar electric mini-bike prototype

Jonathan Lansey

Chief rubber taster.

Moon Museum

Aleeza Howitt

Likes dehydrated chocolate.

Laika the Space Dog

Tony Lazenka

Man from Mars.

The first US spacewalk

Gustavo L. Mourão

Two thirds oxygen, 100% stardust.

Ham the Astrochimp

Thomas Veale

Space chimp.

Ocular exam aboard the ISS (not a hairdryer)

Allison Johnston

Terrestrial bilaterian.

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Artists & Press

If you are an artist and want to display your awesome space art on an Astro Ledger card, type “ART” in the subject line, write a short bio, and send us a link to your portfolio. We will contact you to discuss commissions. Selected artists will be proudly featured on the Astro Ledger website. If you are a member of the press or just want to say hello, you may also contact us here.

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