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Look up at the night sky. Almost none of the stars you see have names. Our mission is to allow people like you to choose meaningful names for those stars, in the coolest way possible. That’s why we created the Astro Ledger trading cards. When you start collecting and naming stars on the Astro Ledger blockchain, you are joining a community passionate about opening up the galaxy to sky-gazers and future space-travelers. And besides, it’s fun! Star-struck?

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milky way galaxy


The Astro Ledger trading cards represent real objects in outer space, like stars and planets. Because the cards are built on new blockchain technology, they are impossible to change or duplicate. This means that Astro Ledger cards can be securely collected and auctioned off like normal trading cards. The best part is that if you own the card for a star, you are in charge of choosing a meaningful name for it. The new name you select is then automatically broadcast to the community and enshrined in the public record, thanks to the Astro Ledger blockchain!

What's a blockchain?


Our mission at the Astro Ledger Institute is to be a force for good. We are backed and inspired by The Awesome Foundation. The revenue from card trading goes towards grants for awesome projects, and our finances are 100 % transparent by nature of the blockchain technology. The grants program is open to everyone, so if you have a cool space-themed educational outreach project or another great idea, go ahead and apply. There is no project too big, too small, or too out-of-this-world for us to consider… So don’t just shoot for the moon - shoot for Jupiter’s ocean moon Europa and maybe we can help you launch a robot submarine there to look for shark aliens!

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The Gallery displays all cards which correspond to the real stars listed in our database. It is the public interface for all of the star-related information you may seek, and also home to some truly remarkable space art. Check out some of our favorite stars below!